Valheim Update Patch 0.202.19 (Hearth & Home)

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    Patch 0.202.19

    • Rebalanced hp/stamina on most foods ( more stamina on hp foods and more hp on stamina foods etc )
    • Fixed tar-pit not spawning on dedicated-server worlds
    • Slightly lower hp on Fulings & Fuling shamans
    • Slightly easier to stagger Fulings
    • Fixed issue with pressing I in server list while trying to filter servers
    • Lower bow stamina use
    • Cage wall 1x1 physics fix ( Already placed pieces will probably need to be repositioned )
    • Boars now also eat blueberries, raspberries & mushrooms
    • Chinese translation fix

    Patch 0.202.14

    General improvements

    • Weapons rebalanced (All weapons have been rebalanced to be more viable as main weapon and also have more unique playstyles)
    • Blocking system overhauled (Current maximum hp now greatly affects your ability to block attacks, stagger bar gui added)
    • Naming tamed creatures
    • Gamepad sensitivity settings
    • Auto-pickup toggle button added
    • Graphics settings (Active point lights & Active point light shadows)
    • Tamed creatures affected by friendly fire setting (i.e you can’t hurt a tamed creature unless you enable friendly fire or use the new Butcher knife item)
    • Various other improvements and bugfixes


    • Food rebalance (Most food items now give mainly stamina or mainly health to make food choices more interesting)
    • Food GUI overhauled to work better with the rebalanced food
    • Over 10 new things to eat (Actually 12)


    • Tamed Lox now have a purpose
    • Slimy locations & creatures added to plains
    • New plantable seeds: Birch, Oak & Onions


    • New weapons: Crystal battleaxe, Silver knife
    • New shields: Bone tower shield, Iron buckler
    • Butcher knife (Special weapon for butchering tamed animals)
    • Thunder stone (Sold by trader)
    • Lox accessory


    • New Darkwood building pieces like shingle roofs, beams, decorations and more
    • New types of furniture, including but not limited to a mighty stone throne and a steamy viking hot tub
    • Crystal walls
    • New types of stacks to show off your treasure and resources
    • Cauldron improvements: Spice rack, Butcher’s table, Pots and pans
    • Cartography table (For sharing map-data with other players)
    • Oven added (For baking bread and pie)
    • Obliterator added (Items be gone)
    • Iron cooking station (Required to cook some types of meat)

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